Registration Guidelines

  1. At least one author of each submitted abstract / paper must be registered for the conference for that abstract/ paper to appear in the conference abstract book / proceedings and be scheduled for presentation.

  2. The registration form along with the abstract / paper must be sent to the e-mail of organizing committee( and the registered participant will be informed back about the registration code for any further correspondence.

  3. After completion of registration process, participant are required to send the screen shot of registration fees payment proof to the organizing committee e-mail on or before the last date of submission. The payment proof is also preferred to be submitted along with the registration form.

  4. The Registration fee and other relevant payment can be deposited in/ transferred to the following conference's banking account:

Bank's Name Account No.
Yemen Bank for Construction and Development- Taiz Branch, Yemen
البنك اليمني للٳنشاء و التعمير- فرع  تعز- اليمن
8862810890121001 (YR)
8402810890121002 (USD)

  • Any modification in the submitted abstract / paper will not be accepted after the final submission date.

  • No registration will be entertained after the last date of submission


    Registration Form Download

    Registration & Publication Fees Participant Registration Fee
    1 Foreign Faculty / Faculty Assistant 100/= USD
    2 Foreign Scholars 50/= USD
    3 Yemeni Faculty working abroad 100/= USD
    4 TU Faculty (present) 30,000/= YR
    5 Faculty at any Yemeni Uni. 40,000/= YR
    6 TU Faculty Assistant (present) 10,000/= YR
    7 Yemeni Faculty Assistant with External Scholarship 50/= USD
    8 Faculty Assistant  at any Yemeni Uni. 15,000/= YR
    9 TU Post- graduate Students 12,000/= YR
    10 Post- graduate Students at any Yemeni Uni. 15,000/= YR
    11 TU Under- graduate Students 5,000/= YR
    12 Under- graduate Students at any Yemeni Uni. 7,000/= YR
    13 Industrial Professionals 50,000/= YR
    14  Government – sector Professionals 20,000/= YR


    ** The paid registration fee will include kit, participation certificate, and publication of accepted paper in the special issues of the conference. However, the participant who submit his/her paper for publication outside the conference special issues at any of announced journals, has to pay an additional fee as an Article Processing Charge (APC) to the relevant journal, inclusive of the discount given by that journal for papers submitted through the conference.


    Accommodation is optional and will be arranged in private hotels of Taiz city upon request of coming participants and in - advance payment.

    No. of residents & Meals Charge per one - day residence Charge for 5 residence days Due amount
    One resident + one lunch meal 10,000 /= YR 50,000 /= YR 50,000 /= YR
    2 residents + 2 lunch meals 15,000 /= YR 75,000 /= YR 75,000 /= YR
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